My New Obsession: NY Med

I’m obsessed with a new TV show that has kept me occupied while Survivor has been off the air.  NYMed is basically reality TV in hospitals in New York City (and once during season one, Hartford Hospital).  It’s touching and fascinating.  I’ve watched the whole first season online at ABC and so far, all but two episodes have brought a tear to my eye.

What I think the show has done is remind me how amazing western medicine can be.  I think we tend to get down on western medicine.  And there are certainly problems with it—medicating to avoid symptoms instead of changing to solve problems, overusing medications like antibiotics, some PCP’s who aren’t up to date on current info or have too many patients to be really effective.  But when push comes to shove western medicine is partly what is providing us longer lives and letting us live when our heart, our lungs, or cancer says we should be dead.  It is truly amazing what we are capable of doing in this day in age, and I’m intrigued by the possibility of what we might be able to do in the future.  And it is beyond commendable what some of these surgeons and nurses do every day under pressure and with limited sleep.

Though I can vent about western medicine, and I think balance is good, I’ve always been amazed by doctors and nurses and how they do what they do, but this show makes you appreciate them even more.

 Check it out.


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