Honey Bees Produce Honey

So our honey bees have been going strong all year.  In their first year, they aren’t expected to make any honey we can take.  They are just supposed to get themselves ready for their first winter.  Our bees this year did more than that.  Last week we collected the extra honey and it looks like we might get 30-lbs of the sweet stuff.

Getting at the honey involved shaking and banging the bees off the frames, while trying to kill as few as possible.  I was only stung twice and neither stings were that bad.  The inner thigh again—it’s like they instinctually know that’s a sensitive area—and the forehead, which I thought would be worse than it was, but just made it seem like a had a GIANT zit for a few days.

Most of our honey is a light yellow color—the way you probably picture honey.  But some patches of the comb had dark amber honey, so dark it looked purple in places.  It didn’t even taste like honey; it tasted more like jam.  On searching the internet, it looks like purple honey may exist and it may be pretty rare.  If you’re interested you can read more here.

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