Exciting New Classes This Fall

Personal Euphoriais offering three new classes this fall. We still have our great Pilates and 20/20 FUNKtion classes, but consider trying one of these for a new twist in your workout…

Barre Physique
A unique total body workout that focuses on small, controlled movements combined with gentle-on-the-joints but heart-pumping bursts of interval training to define and tone long, lean muscles. With a combination of muscle work and stretching this program creates lean, flexible sculpted arms, flat abs, and a lifted seat! Using a chair or bar provided, you’ll be targeting every muscle in the body. A challenging, safe and effective workout set to dynamic music using props such as balls, bands and light weights. Please bring a mat and water.
Belly Dancing

An introduction into the exotic world of belly dance. Students are taught the fundamental core movements which helps build a strong foundation for future belly dancing. We’ll have a great time stretching and learning proper posture, breathing techniques, core hip and abdominal movements. The fundamental shimmies, traveling steps and basic undulations are taught all in an easy-to-follow format that will allow participants to build a strong foundation in the beautiful art of Belly Dancing.

Introduction is also given to the different tools of belly dancing which includes – veils, finger cymbals, cane. Various cultures, rhythms, and the different styles of belly dancing are briefly discussed.  Mixed level, bring a water.

Hot Body-Cool Mind
A fusion of yoga, Pilates, bodyweight and balance exercises to challenge the core and reshape the entire body! It’s a combination of some of the best body work available. Class starts off with a mini meditation and some breath work, then progresses into a variety of other exercises to target your core, glutes and legs. Plan to leave feeling stronger and more relaxed. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle and plan on being barefoot. Mixed Level Class.


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