I’ve already admitted to being a little obsessed with feet lately. We’ve been running our foot workshop, and I got to be on the Colin McEnroe Show on NPR to talk about feet. But today instead of talking about them, let’s just give them a little tender-lovin’-care.

Make time today to give your feet a little foot rub. Rub from the ankle down. Hit your ankle, the top of your foot, the bottom of your foot, and your toes. Use your hands (or if that grosses you out use a rolling pin—or do hands AND a rolling pin). If you use a rolling pin just roll your foot back and forth on it. If you use your hands rub in between your toes. Manually circle your toes. Do whatever feels good. Maybe freeze an old (partially empty) bottle of water and roll the cold bottle under your foot like a rolling pin.
When you are done lather your feet up in your favorite lotion. I always think peppermint lotions feel good on the feet. Then rest with your feet elevated and enjoy a nice sigh of relief.