Colin McEnroe Show Highlights About Feet

Earlier this week I was on the Colin McEnroe show to talk about feet (something I can easily chat about for an hour or more). A couple things came up that I thought were worth highlighting.

Liposuction on Your Feet: (Insert an image of me bug-eyed and pulling my hair out here.)

One of the guests, Dr. Levine talked about how people come in and request liposuction for their feet. The idea of this is so sad to me. I work with people, primarily women, but both men and women who have body issues. And to think that there are people now who are so unhappy with the look of their foot that they would have surgery (always a risky thing) is unfortunate.
If people could reconstruct their view on the feet, they would see that their foot is fabulous. It is an actual architectural, engineering marvel. We have multiple arches. Our main arch (the medial arch) is like a supportive bridge that supports our body weight all day long. In walking that is about 1.5 times our body weight in pressure. In running, it’s about 3-4 times your body weight in pressure. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the feet take on about 1-million pounds of pressure on a strenuous hour-long walk. That’s amazing. Every time our feet don’t hurt, we should be overwhelmingly impressed.
On top of the fact that they are structurally a supportive bridge, what it does that is unique for an arch is have give and basically act like a spring mechanism so that we can have a spring in our step that helps propel us forward. Our foot is like a strong bridge that bounces.

Barefoot Living:
I mentioned the Harvard Study and talked about moderation, but I’m not sure I made it clear that I do think being barefoot in the right place and time is a very good thing. Although if you’re not used to it, it is something you need to build up to. It is the best way to get your foot to move the way it was meant to. Being barefoot uses more muscles in the body. Try this: Depending on your fitness level pick one of the following…balancing on one leg, squats, lounges, or squats or jumps on a bosu. Try the exercise first with sneakers and then try it barefoot. Most likely you are going to find that the version without shoes is harder. I don’t think this means you should jump into being barefoot all the time, but I do think it means sometimes it’s good (when working at a safe level for yourself) to try exercise barefoot.

And, of course, if you want to come learn a lot of foot exercises, check out when our next workshop on feet is running at the Personal Euphoria Website. And I’ll continue to post about feet because I find them fabulous and I want you to too!


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