The Cold Shower

My competitive nature couldn’t resist.   I’ve pondered taking cold showers in the past. I’m familiar with traditions in Sweden and Finland where people will move from a sauna to an ice bath.  I’ve never really taken the time to find out why this would be beneficial or if it actual is, but have always found it intriguing.  My boyfriend takes a cold shower.  He swears by it.  And recently my PCP recommended it to help give my potentially underactive thyroid a kick-start.  Still, when push comes to shove, I only ever really considered it for a second and then determined that I love my warm showers.  I look forward to them and there is no reason to torture myself with a cold shower.
But then it happened—a simple Facebook post that read:  So, today I have read 2 blogs about this (THE COLD SHOWER) – and am contemplating starting it 4/1 … anyone in? Anyone do it? I can see Maggie Downie trying this…”  And he was right.  I could also see myself trying it too.  So though there was an internal struggle between snuggly, warm Maggie and Maggie motivated by nearly any challenge, my competitive spirit won the battle.  Monday morning I would start cold showers.  But why?  Are they really good for me?  How cold is cold?  How long do I need to freeze my butt off to get the full effect?  These were all questions I only starting asking afterward.
Here is what I discovered on day four when I was quite confident I didn’t want to continue if there was no benefit.
Check out these websites for some interesting, quick reads on why cold showers might be good.
·         21 Health Benefits of a Cold Shower
·         4 Reasons to Take a Cold Shower (read with a grain of salt)
·         Cold vs. Hot Showers
·         Old Man Lives to 100 Because of Cold Showers
·         Dr Oz Has Someone Weigh in on the Matter
Though the second article has very little science I like that they say the water doesn’t have to be that cold.  According to the Dr. Oz show—you should shoot for under 60-degrees for 3-5 minutes.  Check in tomorrow to see how my experiment has been going.
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