We live in a world where we sit. We sit at desks and work; we sit when we drive. It is just the way it is, but our bodies weren’t meant to sit for long periods every day. New research from the Mayo Clinic claims that a the amount we stand can make a big difference in weight. They found that people who stood up 2-hours more per day burned about 350 calories more per day. It’s got them thinking some of obesity epidemic might have to do with how much we sit.

So if you have a job where you need to be at a desk, what can you do? Here are just some tips to try:

1) Stand during lunch
2) Stand anytime you’re on the phone
3) Put reminders in your outlook calendar and stand whenever they pop up—start with three a day.
4) Grab a co-worker and walk for 20-minutes of lunch
5) Grab a co-worker and walk for 20-minutes before or after work
6) If you watch TV when you get home, make sure your stand for at least one show
7) Walk to a coworkers desk instead of sending an email
8) Create a standing and a sitting workstation