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I went to a Naturopath for the first time a couple weeks ago.  I was really impressed.  I’m a skeptical person and I was partially concerned (and perhaps stereotyping) that by the time I walked out the door I would be expected to never eat meat again, go gluten-free, and have a handbag full of supplements.  I was concerned about this even though multiple people had recommended Marina Franzoni to me and told me she was the kind of person who felt like your friend right away.  If I’m honest I was a little skeptical of that too.
But everyone had told me the truth.  I felt comfortable with Marina Franzoni in ten seconds.  It seemed easy to tell her everything about anything that had ever gone on in my body.  She listened without brushing anything off as if it didn’t matter.  She took notes and made suggestions.  She told me that she didn’t push anyone to be vegan or vegetarian (although she is an advocate for grass-fed meat if you are going to eat meat, but so am I).  She didn’t make me go gluten-free, which makes her a wonderful person in my book.  Although if I was sensitve to gluten I’d understand why she’d want me to get off it.
She offered suggested foods I should eat more or less of given some of the concerns I had, and sent me home with a some reading material I still need to go through.
The best part was that I really felt listened too.  It’s something that I have often felt is lacking with some (not all) of the doctors I’ve had dealings with.
I’m early in the process, but if your insurance covers naturopathic doctors, I would highly recommend a visit with Marina Franzoni. 

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