I made a mistake. I told all my classes that I don’t like kale. And apparently I’m the only one. I honestly expected more people to side with me. But it turns out (so people say) that if you cook it right, kale is phenomenal. Well, I’m here to say I’ve been testing it out, and I don’t like kale.

After telling everyone kale and I are not on friendly terms, I got the impression that perhaps I was cooking it wrong by not cooking it. This seemed to explain why I felt like a cow when I ate the rubbery, indigestible roughage. So I tried some suggestions. This weekend I made kale chips because it sounds like everyone likes kale chips. Not me. They just aren’t good. They dissolve in your mouth and have the bitter taste of kale. Really they are just a carrier for salt. No salt and they’d be inedible. I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to eat them or trash them.

Then I tried a recipe for a kale and turkey sausage soup. I have to admit this was really good, but I’m not sure it was because of the kale. I think the turkey sausage flavor takes over. But that’s okay. I officially found a way that I can get myself to eat kale. So, please, send me any recipes you have where kale is disguised in a soup or cooked in some fashion other than a chip. I’d like to continue testing this theory because the jury is still out.


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