Challenge Update–My Bad Eating Habits

I have less than two months to get in the best shape of my life and I’m not sure I’m going to reach my goal. If you checked in with me in October I would have told you I was on my way. But at that time over the course of a month, I ran two half marathons and hiked the Grand Canyon without injury. I felt strong and unstoppable. My challenges throughout the year were really helpful in my staying on track and reaching fitness goals.

But after October my final challenge was a little obscure. Without any snow this winter I didn’t do the cross country skiing I’d planned. And with all the running and hiking I was doing earlier in the year, I could really get away with eating almost anything I wanted.

And, therein, lies the problem: my food choices. Please don’t be deceived. I’m in health and fitness, but I wouldn’t say I eat well. I’m really busy and I fit food in where I can. Matt and I frequently eat pizza twice a week because we like it and it’s convenient. I could easily eat pasta for every meal. I love cheese and bread. Making changes to what I eat has been hard for me. I appreciate all food types—salty, sweet, fatty. I like vegetables too, but I don’t typically crave them. I easily fall into an unvaried diet where I eat the same things week after week. It’s not just because I like them, but because it’s easy and takes less planning.
When people say that between work and family it’s hard to make time for a healthy diet and exercises, I truly get it. It’s hard. But, it’s unlikely those things are going to change or go away, so we have to do the best we can and try and make time. Because our health is truly the most important thing we have to worry about.
The biggest change I made in the last half of this year was to incorporate more vegetables. I’m doing that. But I wouldn’t say that overall my food choices are healthy. As a fitness professional I feel a little more pressure to eat healthfully. It’s a pressure I put on myself. I think people assume I probably eat better than I do and I don’t want to lead anyone astray. And I think it’s only fair to be honest and admit I don’t eat that well. And I think that is going to be part of my personal process to eat better.
In my youth, I was been able to get away with not making the best food choices, although I think I actually had better willpower. Since I like to exercise, I’ve been able to continue to get away with it. But as I get older I’ve noticed changes in my body. And even besides that, it’s just not healthy to eat the amount of carbs, cheese, and desserts I consume. And my desire to be healthy should be my greatest instigator. I may not achieve this part of my challenge this year, but I’m officially taking ownership of a change that needs to occur.


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