I just read a great article about tools to help you make yourself happier. There is no better time to share it the lessons from the article than in the deep winter when we are all suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or as I like to call it seasonal defective disorder. It turns out happiness isn’t all genetic. Fifty percent of our happiness comes form our genes, ten percent stems from where we are in life, and the other forty percent is pliable. We can do things to help improve it.

So for the next week, I’m taking a tip a day from the article and sharing it. Try one happiness tip a day. Or let them build and by the end of the week try five tips.

Here’s the first for today:

A the end of every day think of three different things that you are grateful for. They need to be different each day and specific. And supposedly if you share these three points with someone else, you’ll get even more happiness from it.