I found a recent list in Health Magazine interesting.  It listed what different activities burn in five minutes.  Here are just a few…
Jump Rope Fast: 68 Calories
Walking Lunges Down Hall:  45 Calories
Vacuum: 22 Calories
Snowball Fight: 34 Calories
Jumping Jacks: 45 Calories
Up/Down Stairs: 36 Calories
Jog in Place: 45 Calories
Bounce on a Stability Ball: 58 Calories
Push Ups: 45 Calories
Here is my thought on what to do with this info…  First of all this is only one more reason to get a stability ball at work and have one in your house.  Who knew that the most fun option (bouncing on a stability ball, of course) burned the most calories?  That just about made my day.
Then I thought that you can do these activities randomly throughout the day, but you can also do them when you feel like munching but don’t think you’re really hungry.  Use them as a distraction.  After five minutes of any of these you may be okay to pass on a snack.  Plus there is so much variety and choice you hopefully won’t get bored too quickly.