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I’m not sure that I dealt with food enough this year in my challenge to get in the best shape of my life. I planned all these challenges, but thought little about what I would eat. And to some degree, while I was in the midst of a challenge it really didn’t matter. Well, I was burning calories, which was good, but what I put in my body is still important.

My problem is, I LOVE TO EAT. And I’m not good at curbing that. Lately, even though my exercise output has been less my food output hasn’t changed. And all I seem to want is saltly and sweat stuff. Give me guacamole with chips or chocolate and I’m a happy girl. Those seem to be my three favorite foods of late.

I’ve been trying to eat well Monday through Friday afternoon. Eating well for me means no desserts or sweets (other than fruit), trying not to overeat, a salad for one meal a day, reasonably healthy foods (not Chinese food or super greasy pizza, although I do make my own pizzas).

But it’s been an actual challenge every day. Movement is my area of expertise, not food. So I am more than open to suggestions on tasty, quick recipes or ways to curb cravings that actually work.


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Maggie Downie
Thank you for giving your time to stop and read my blog. I hope it encourages you to keep moving. Move and the body will be happier. And when you're moving you can hike, run, swim in Jell-O, race over non-Newtonian fluids, travel the world or build igloos--if that's your thing. If not, you can watch me do it. This is just a spot to try and feel good about life.


  1. Deborah December 17, 2011 at 5:45 am - Reply

    First of all, in your defense – what about a month of being vegan? that was huge. To be honest, if you give up anything with sugar in it, everything healthy for you will taste better. It takes about 3 – 5 days for the sugar withdrawal headache to go away, buth then even “Surprise Mashed Potato” will taste yummy. I don’t suggest you attempt this at this time of year when so many yummy desserts raise their sugary, sweet heads only this once.

  2. Deborah December 17, 2011 at 5:47 am - Reply

    Zumba?…..saw an infomercial, and it looked like fun. Recently met someone who says it really burns the calories quickly and tightens everything!

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