The Hartford Half Marathon

I didn’t feel like running, but I did. It wasn’t one of my challenges. I saw it more as topping off a busy season of challenges. I signed up last minute. I knew I’d be glad after it was over.

Even though I’d hiked the Grand Canyon so I was in shape, I hadn’t run much for two weeks leading up to the race, so I was a little nervous. (Although I’m starting to recognize that I think I get a little nervous before all of my challenges/races/activities. I kind of think those nerves a good for me though. It’s the kind of nervous you get before speaking publically or going on stage to perform.)

We had beautiful weather and a perfect race day. I finished the race in almost exactly the same time as my half marathon a month earlier—differing only by seconds. Two hours and six minutes, which isn’t half bad since the course was harder. It’s funny how the same distance can feel different on any given day. I remember with the Surftown Half the first three miles were tough, but I felt great from four to ten. Eleven and 12 were tough. This time, I felt great the first three and okay until mile eight when my legs started to feel like lead weights. I wondered how I would finish like that. The last three miles were a killer and it was all mental to finish. I even felt like I was limping and all my joints were sore by the end. I was so glad when it was over and so proud.

The next day I wasn’t sore, just stiff. All I could think about what how next time I wanted to finish in under 2 hours. I have a goal and I’m excited to do it again. It’s funny how quickly we forget or how addictive running is.

But it is vital to have a goal set that makes you want to challenge yourself and people who help push you to do so.


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