Running & Balance

Earlier this year I was working with a group of runners. We met post-run, and I was really surprised at the general lack of balance in the group. The group had varied ages and that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I got to thinking that running really has a lot to do with balance. When you think about it with each step we are only balancing on one leg. The moment that we need to balance is quick and short, but I couldn’t help but wonder if we improved our balance how might we improve our stride or reduce injury?

The great thing is that pilates is all about balance. We try to balance the muscles to create neutral joints throughout the body, but doing that should help someone actually balance better. We work stabilizer muscles and those are the guys that work the most to keep us balanced and aligned. Our big muscles tend to pull us in one direction or another. So if you are a runner try some different balance exercises. Tomorrow I’ll be posting a video of standing pilates exercises that challenge balance.

In this article a physical therapist claims that he noticed runners who lacked balance were more injury prone. So experimenting is worth a shot.


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