It’s not what you think. Well, maybe it is. I seem to be obsessed with feet lately. I think they are a part of the body we just truly take for granted and I think we should all pay our feet a lot more attention.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. I don’t have foot problems, but I’m definitely someone who takes her feet for granted. I had random splotches of nail polish on my toes for weeks that I didn’t have time to take off. I don’t even make time to take old nail polish off my toes.

But then I took the Yamuna Body Rolling workshop and we probably spent about 20-minutes working on our feet and my feet felt fabulous. In class when I know a muscle is working, I tend to kiddingly say, “Is your muscle saying, ‘thank you?’” My feet were actually thanking me. The day after the Yamuna workshop when I was at the Art of Control Pilates Conference I took a workshop called Fix Your Feet with Kathy Ross-Nash. For one hour we did nothing but feet exercises, and again it was like my feet were in all their glory. They had never been so pampered.

And they have already gotten used to it. These foot exercises are constantly calling to me like a Siren. The difference is, I should definitely head the Siren’s call.

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