I thought it might be fun to take our own informal poll of Connecticut’s Best places to do certain outdoor, fun, summer activities. So do you have a best place in Connecticut (or if you’re not from CT feel free to participate with your state) for any of the following:

1) Best Place to Walk
2) Best Place to Bike
3) Best Place to Hike
4) Best Place to Swim
5) Best Beach
6) Best Park
7) Best Garden

Here are my answers:

1) Old Wethersfield–Main Street, Hartford Ave, Around the Green and the Cove
2) Don’t Know–not a biker
3) Devil’s Hopyard
4) Waterford Beach (if you are scared of waves they don’t have any)
5) Probably haven’t been to enough in CT to say for sure
6) Harkness Memorial Park
7) Elizabeth Park Rose Garden