Warning: I’m about to start whining.

I feel like a lump. Last week I had an ear infection and tonsillitis of the throat (not the tonsils, so it’s actually called something else, but no one has ever heard of it). I feel a lot better, but still very run down and have this annoying cough and my lungs feel heavy.

Except for about a total of 2 hours of pilates I have done absolutely nothing in two weeks. I’m feeling a little discouraged (and like I can actually feel my muscles deteriorating) since this really is the official beginning of my healthy lifestyle and it’s not starting very healthy. And at this point I have my first challenge—the Ragnar Relay in five weeks. That may seem like a long time, but it will be here before I know it.

It doesn’t help that it’s been rainy and cold.

And here is the really annoying thing: Even though I think I’m feeling better, and I probably could have gone to the interval class I take on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I feel like I fell so far behind while I was sick that I’m using my typical exercise time to do work. This is not okay. I hold this time sacred, and I spend a huge chunk of my life trying to convince people how important it is. I need to start following my own advice because I know everything I do gets done better when I workout. Moving makes me sane—well, saner.

I’ve got to get back on track ASAP!

(Note: Generally, I like to post more positive, inspirational posts, but I’m hoping that if you’ve ever felt this way, this post will let you know that you’re not alone—it happens to all of us, I assume. I know I sometimes look at people in fitness as having somewhat super human strength to push through illness or never get sick, and maybe some people can, but I can’t. Sometimes I think my body tells me that I need to slow down and stop. The problem is I really don’t like listening.)