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I just got mildly scammed. The last time I was in Whole Foods I saw a sign for a program called Eat Right America. I logged in to see what it was all about. You have to fill out all these personal questions—age, race, weight, etc. These items do have to do with health so it seems reasonably valid. Then you answer all of these questions about what you eat and they come back with some very basic feedback like you need to incorporate more vegetables and you need to eat one big salad per day. Who doesn’t?

For some reason I expected that I would get a more personalized eating plan based on what I eat now and what I am lacking. What they got was a lot of good information about my eating habits that they can use for sales and marketing, and what I got in return was a very generic report and a couple of recipes. The recipes weren’t even geared toward me. They are the same for everyone.

It seems like a brilliant scam for them to find out a lot of information about their shoppers without providing much useful information in return. Now, in fairness, I shop at Whole Foods and want them to provide items I like, but when a generic response came back it just seemed a little scamish. Did anyone else had a better experience?


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