I’m not saying I’m going to continue eating vegetables at every meal, but as I write this I kind of want to. It was a fun challenge that made eating healthier a little easier. I was kind of excited to see if I could eat vegetables at every meal for one week. And excluding one breakfast, I was successful.

This was a lot more fun than my healthy eating challenge of no dessert for a month. And in truth I actually think I ate better. I certainly think I got more nutrients. Plus, I had a lot more variety in my meals. For breakfast I’m usually pretty basic—oatmeal during the winter nearly every day and cereal during the summer. It gets monotonous, but it’s easy.

Incorporating veggies made breakfast a little more fun, and I had a different breakfast almost every day (scrambled eggs with spinach, pumpkin muffin—actual pumpkin was the first ingredient—with vegetable juice, an omelet with spinach, a different vegetable juice with a side of toast). I know it was no 1950’s Leave It to Beaver breakfast, but it added so much variety to my usual routine that I felt like it was.

I would completely recommend trying this. You’ve got nothing to lose. And like I said, I actually thought it was a fun kind of challenge. Do you think you’re up to it?