I think it’s fairly obvious that I love pilates, but here is just one of the many reason’s I love it and one of the reasons I do it. Pilates saves me. I’m not that old, but as I get older I notice that my body suffers more from the activities I choose to do. I like to run, but my knees and hips suffer, so I do pilates to try and keep my body balanced after I go for a run.

I love hardcore training classes like bootcamp and interval training, but I think they are rough on my body, so when I get home from a high-impact class, I do a few pilates exercises that counter balance the muscles I’ve been using.

I’m really not sure that I’d still enjoy running as much as I do now if I didn’t have pilates. My quads are pretty overdeveloped, which makes my knee sore a lot because my tight quad is always pulling on my kneecap. Lately I’ve been working on exercises that stretch my quads like the one above called the thigh stretch. It’s one of my favorites and it feels so good.
This year with my challenge to get into the best shape of my life, I feel so lucky to know pilates as well I as I do.