No Dessert, But…Peanut Butter

Well, my healthy lifestyle isn’t going as well as to be expected. I haven’t eaten dessert yet, but I seem to be hungry for just about everything else, especially peanut butter. I think I’ve eaten a jar in two weeks. That’s 3,200 calories–about 230 calories per day. I guess that’s not as bad as it seems, although that’s pretty much one pound. If I cut out peanut butter and didn’t replace it with anything I would be a pound lighter right now.

I did a search online to see what a peanut butter craving could mean, and the internet proved to be completely useless. Apparently, I could have anything from a Vitamin A deficiency to a mold allergy, which seems really far-fetched. I could even crave peanut butter because I’m allergic to it. It turns out that eating too much of something can make you addicted and you can have feelings of withdrawal without it.

This why I can never go on websites like WebMD. I think it’s more likely, that the most common Google response is correct. I am probably either craving sugar, fat or salt. And since the real craving settled in around the time I gave up dessert, I think sugar might be the culprit. Ugh. I guess my peanut butter will have to go.

I have a desire, almost a craving lately to eat better and healthier, but I feel like this takes so much time and unlike exercise does not come naturally to me. But much like all the signs telling me to meditate, everything seems to be telling me to eat better. I wish there were 33 hours in everyday.


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Maggie Downie
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  1. Anonymous February 11, 2011 at 8:22 am - Reply

    Well, that, at least, confirms what I already knew: I’m addicted to chocolate. That said…’s winter so inherently your body wants to bulk up to keep warm. We are in January and February fighting an inate desire when we limit our calorie intake. Also, if there were 33 hours in a day, we’d want 36. And a little sharing: when I went on South Beach Diet (which was so tasty) the first 3 days I experienced a headache from sugar withdrawal. After that I wasn’t hungry and felt perhaps the best of my entire life. My friend who lost weight with Weight Watchers shared that the first week was the most difficult in terms of desire and feeling hungry. After that it was the struggle of “old habits die hard.” Good luck and remember that every hour is a new hour. I’m working on that one myself. 🙂

  2. Maggie Downie February 24, 2011 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    Every hour is a new hour is a great point. When we screw up we don’t have to wait until the next week to get back on track again!

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