Over the past couple weeks I have spent hours chiseling and chopping ice. If it wasn’t such a good workout, I’d been pretty annoyed. Who am I kidding, even though it’s a pretty good workout there were a couple of times I was annoyed to be spending time chopping ice, especially last Friday when it seemed to have no effect. Icicles are pretty on the house, but they are a hazard on the sidewalk and driveway.

I was able to get most of the ice off the side walk, but there are patches of thin, sheet ice still. And our driveway, well it’s just a mess. And it literally impacts my life about 10 times a day.

This ice is forcing me to take my time. I often run from the house to the car. If I have a bunch of groceries or other boxes, I pile them high and move quickly. Well the ice won’t let that happen. I have to walk like I’m 112 years old.

At first I was feeling pretty annoyed at how I couldn’t just rush through something or run out to the car really quickly if I left my cell phone in it (because I’d grabbed one too many bags of groceries), but then I thought it was probably good for me. I’m usually on overdrive, running around. I like to be busy. The ice forces me to slow down, because I’m not very good at slowing myself down.

It is probably a good thing for me to have to stop and slow down. Maybe it’s just another sign that I need to start meditating. Can walking slowly to the car count as meditating?