Uh-oh. All the signs lately are telling me I should start meditating. It just keeps coming up in conversation. But my type-A, fidgety personality would rather do almost anything than be quiet, sit still, and think about nothing. I have a really hard time with each of those tasks, which I think is all the more reason why I probably need to meditate–at least a little bit each day.

As if there haven’t been enough signs around hinting that meditation may be a good route for me, the other day at the gym my magazine had a whole article on the scientifically proven benefits of mediation. It didn’t make me want to meditate, but it made me want the benefits.

I’m reading this article thinking, maybe I just start small. I’ll meditate for five minutes, or, more seriously, two-and-a-half minutes. That sounds doable. And then I came to the end of the article where they recommend beginners start out with ten whole minutes. Yikes! I immediately thought, “I can’t do it.”

But I hear so many people say that about starting exercise and I recommend starting small, so I’m going to follow my gut and start with 2.5-5 minutes. However, I’m going to postpone until the New Year. Meditation is going to be one of many resolutions in 2011. We’ll see how it goes. Feel free to remind me because it seems like a resolution I’d be happy to skip.