Men and Pilates

It’s obvious when you go to a class that more women do Pilates than men. This might have come as a surprise to the creator since he originated the exercises for men.

Still in some of our classes we do have men. Sometimes they come on their own, other times they come with their wives. We’ve had women ask how they can get their husbands involved in Pilates or how other women get their husbands involved.

I believe that there has to be some desire (or at least a willingness to try something new). I’d never want to force someone to do Pilates. But someone recently told us that her husband became interested after reading an article about Derek Jeter doing Pilates. (We’ll let him come to class even though it sounds like he’s a Yankees fan.)

USA Today has an article about male athletes doing Pilates if you’d like to read more.


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