Housework and Nookie

Woman dusting and man doing the vacuuming

There are apparently multiple research studies that prove that the more men help with housework the more a couple has sex. Tara Parker-Pope who writes “Well,” the New York Times’ health blog was on NPR last week discussing marriage and brought up the benefits of men doing housework.

I thought it was a fascinating and helpful tidbit of research. It makes sense to me just in the fact that the more help someone gets around the house the more time there is for additional activities.

So whether you’re a man or a women, consider this information food for thought and take from it what you will.


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  1. P. Ropecia June 15, 2010 at 3:07 pm - Reply

    May be this would be the best theory. Man should participate equally in their house work. So as to enjoy more sex.

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