Remember Pilates is a type of exercise that you can do all day long. It’s not like kickboxing, not that I’m knocking kickboxing because I actually really enjoy it, but you wouldn’t want to stand in line at the grocery store doing front and back kicks. However you can do Pilates everywhere just by thinking about your posture, lengthening your spine and looking straight ahead.

Pilates is not meant to be done solely in the classroom. A Pilates class should help you to learn how to stand and move throughout the day. Pilates is meant to be incorporated into life.

When you walk out of your next Pilates class walk tall, think about how you’re carrying any bags or equipment you have. Stick a post-it note on your dashboard so that you remember to incorporate Pilates into your life every day.

Pastel post-its

There is not limit to the ways you can use Pilates during the day.