In the new year, every time I go grocery shopping (or any kind of shopping for that matter) I’m bombarded with magazine headlines about dropping 10 pounds in two weeks, losing holiday weight in an instant, and what it is every editor thinks women need to do in order to be perfect.

Teenage girl with cell phone

It drives me bonkers. Those articles are there because they sell, but I think we all need to ignore them. It’s sad really because nothing inside the glossy pages is going to be true or helpful. Sometimes we need to lose weight to be healthier, but fad diets and dropping weight fast is never the way to do it.

In 2010 empower yourself not to buy into all the hype about how to drop pounds unrealistically fast. If it sounds unrealistic, it probably is. Instead, take life one day at a time. Try to eat healthy. Try to exercise. Don’t feel bad when you’re not as skinny as the model on the cover of a magazine. It’s not real; it’s airbrushed. Instead of reading through a magazine that will make you feel like you need to change, start doing something that makes you feel good about who you are and what you can do.

I see beautiful women of all shapes and sizes in my classes. Here is what stands out to me about all of them: 1) they are all smart, capable women, 2) no matter what their size or shape they all have something they want to change about their body (I think they look great), 3) they are all strong but don’t always see just how strong they are.

Since this is the description of most of the women I know, I want to see a magazine headline that really speaks to women. One that says: You are a strong, beautiful woman, even though some days you don’t feel that way. In 2010 here are 365 ways to stay motivated and feel good about YOU!