No Fat Burning Zone

The fat burning zone doesn’t exist. When you see “fat burning zone” listed on an elliptical or have a trainer tell you that you should be working in the “fat burning zone,” it’s not true. It is all about calories in, calories out. It really is that simple.

The so-called “fat burning zone” is usually a lower heart rate than the cardiovascular zone. Working at this zone actually does burn fat while working at a higher intensity burns carbs, but that is deceptive. More calories are usually burned by increasing the intensity level. And more calories burned, ultimately (if you don’t replenish them) means more fat loss.

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And research has show that working out at a higher intensity maintains higher level of metabolic rate (fat burning) throughout the day than lower levels.

Working out in the fat burning zone is fine if that is where you feel challenged, but don’t hang out there simply because you think you’ll burn more fat there. You won’t. It’s a fallacy.


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