Weekend Challenge

If your weekend is anything like mine it is crammed full of activities. I actually have to schedule free-days. I look at this as a good thing–a full life. But I do recognize (or am at least learning to recognize) the importance of making time to relax.

This weekend can you squeeze in some time for yourself to do whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time? It’s important and you’re worth it.


About the Author:

Maggie Downie
Thank you for giving your time to stop and read my blog. I hope it encourages you to keep moving. Move and the body will be happier. And when you're moving you can hike, run, swim in Jell-O, race over non-Newtonian fluids, travel the world or build igloos--if that's your thing. If not, you can watch me do it. This is just a spot to try and feel good about life.

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