Healthy Snack with a Food Dehydrator

I got a food dehydrator for my birthday. Since then I have been experimenting with drying different fruit–kiwi has a sour tang, pear is scrumptious, and cantaloupe is revolting. I’ve been making fruit roll-ups too. I haven’t eaten an actual Fruit Roll-Up since I was a kid, but the ones I make (with no sugar added) taste even sweeter than I remember.

I still have some more experimenting to do since my pineapple fruit roll came out more like pineapple peanut brittle–more crunchy than chewy–but it’s fun to play around and it is certainly a healthy treat.

It seems like a fun way for a family to make some healthy snacks. Everyone can pick a fruit, cut it up and see if they like it dehydrated.


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Maggie Downie
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