Core Engagement

Recently in a class someone asked me if I pull my belly button to my spine all the time. I would say the answer to this is generally yes. I think without thinking about it my core is engaged. In fact, unless I’ve overstuffed myself at dinner, I have to deliberately release my ab muscles.

That doesn’t mean that I never think about it. I still think about engaging the muscles at red lights and in the grocery store. I try to consider my whole posture and whether my body is well aligned. I will also pull my belly button deeper toward my spine for brief moments.

Remember, when you think about your core muscles and engage them, you are not shooting to suck your stomach in as deep as possible. You want to think of your muscles like and elevator with five floors. Ideally, you will always hold your abs and kegel at floor 2. Holding them at floor five for long periods of time will exhaust the muscles.


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Maggie Downie
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