No Dessert Continued

So I haven’t had any desserts and pretty much no sugars (unless they come naturally in fruit or theirs a little in some dressing or perhaps what is added to a loaf of bread) for almost four weeks now. I’m surprisingly not having as many cravings as I expected, and I have no problem turning down items that aren’t homemade. It’s homemade treats that bother me. My Stepmom makes these wonderful cookies with a sugar-butter frosting around Valentine’s Day and maybe one other time throughout the year. I passed on them, which was probably my most challenging pass so far, especially knowing I probably wouldn’t see them again for another year.

Oddly enough what I’m craving most is an homemade ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip cookies and Mortensen’s vanilla ice cream. I have no idea why. I’m not eve a fan of vanilla ice cream.

While I think going without dessert for the rest of my life is an unrealistic task, I really do think it would be positive to limit desserts. I’d like to see if one a week is possible.

This is my last week and I’m interested to see when March rolls around and I bite into a something sweet if it tastes too sweet and I’m disappointed or if it’s mouthwatering and I purge on all sorts of junk food.

There is incentive to think about what we eat. I can’t say that I feel like I have more energy this month (which I expected), but I feel more comfortable in my body (not a good scientific explanation, I know). By skipping on dessert, I really haven’t ever felt over-stuffed and that is a good feeling.

In the future, I hope I only ingest homemade foods and eat nothing that has ingredients that I don’t recognize or is bought at the store. That might make me a dessert snob, but the reality is I think that is a rule I can live by and reduce my intake of sugar and processed foods. But I would hate to have to pass up on one of my Grandma’s homemade blueberry pies or the Cherry Nut Cake my mom makes for my birthday every year–boy will I be disappointed if I find out it requires a boxed mix. Maybe I just shouldn’t ask.


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