Bar Method

I took a Bar Method class last month. The only studio that offers it in Connecticut is in Wilton–a bit of a trek. Still it was an interesting form of exercise–somewhat Pilates based–and my hamstrings and triceps were burning by the end of it. The class was fun and went by fast. Classes are a little steep at $25 for an hour group class, but if you have some time off this holiday season, it might be fun to try. Get a group of friends together so the ride will be less lonely and head over to Wilton.

A bar class uses a bar that you would see in a dance class while you do exercises and stretches. Most of the time you hold onto the bar for stability or to make your abs do more work. You also use weights, balls, and your own body weight for resistance.

Here’s the link to the Connecticut classes: Bar Method

I took a mixed level (beginner and intermediate combined) and was extremely challenged, so when you call to reserve your place in class, make sure you inquire about what level you should take given your experience.


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