Laugh It Up

Laughing works the core and makes you feel good. That’s just two good reasons to laugh today. Plus it’s Friday. That should put a smile on your face.

Get together with some friends or your family and do something that will make you laugh–go see a movie (comedy, ideally), hit up one of Connecticut’s comedy clubs or, keep it cheap and get together to play charades or another board game.

Balderdash is a fun game for a good laugh. You get to make up the definition of strange sounding words.

Think of an activity that made you laugh until your stomach hurt and try to get others to join you. Have funny laughing your heart out.


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Maggie Downie
Thank you for giving your time to stop and read my blog. I hope it encourages you to keep moving. Move and the body will be happier. And when you're moving you can hike, run, swim in Jell-O, race over non-Newtonian fluids, travel the world or build igloos--if that's your thing. If not, you can watch me do it. This is just a spot to try and feel good about life.


  1. Anonymous November 25, 2008 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    Apples to Apples is a good one too. It kind of has no point, but that’s the fun of it. It just makes you laugh. Anyone know how much laughing you need to do to burn calories?

  2. Maggie December 2, 2008 at 6:54 am - Reply

    Apples to Apples is a fun game. As to how many calories laughing burns–it’s not a lot. It seems to be about 50 calories for 15 minutes of laughter. So you won’t be burning off turkey dinner with a good chuckle, but laughing a lot can add up to a lot of calories in the course of a year. Laughing may not burn a lot of calories, but it sure makes you feel good!

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