She Could Have Used Pilates

This weekend I was in Colorado Springs for my Grandfather’s WWII ship’s reunion. We visited the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. In the museum they had this skull and spine on display. You probably can’t read the labels, but they point out all the places in the spine where the approximately 25-year-old female had injuries. I couldn’t help but think it was too bad she didn’t have Pilates–she probably would have been much more comfortable.
I really meant it. That’s how much I believe in Pilates as an effective tool to health and wellness, and, depending on your injury and with a doctors advice, an exercise program that can put you in control of you body and help you heal. It’s so progressive I wish dead people could do it, although, admittedly, Pilates might not be that much help to a pile of bones. Now, those muscles that reside in the Body Exhibit–they might stand a shot.

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Maggie Downie
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