Places to Engage the Core

You are all always coming up with great places to engage your core muscles–belly button and kegel.

Here are just some of the latest ideas you have sent my way:

  • Riding a bike
  • At church
  • In the dressing room
  • At the gas pump
  • At the hairdresser
  • At the dentist

If you haven’t been engaging the core at these locations, try to think about it next time you wind up at or doing one of the activities above. Remember, you don’t have to squeeze the muscles to maximum capacity. If you think of your kegel muscle as an elevator with five floors, you want to always be on floor two. Try to build up to contracting the kegel at floor two all day long. The places above are just times that it is easy to focus on the kegel to help you work up to engaging all day!

Thanks for the tips and keep ’em coming! If you have more ideas, you can comment on this post.


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Maggie Downie
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