Another Place to Engage that Core

In class last night, I thought of a new place to hold your belly button to your spine–while driving by a cemetery. This made sense to me because when I was a kid we had to hold our breath when we drove past a cemetery.

Apparently this is not common practice, as only one participant in the class had heard of it. I didn’t know the reason behind it, but this client suggested that you don’t breathe because the dead don’t breath–a type of respect, I guess. I came home and hunted around on the Internet for a bit, only to discover that there are a handful of reasons for holding your breath while passing a cemetery–you don’t want to be haunted, you don’t want the spirit of a recently dead to enter your body, you don’t want to smell death, you want to respect the dead.

The fact that there are so many possibilities leads me to believe we may not have a good memory as to why this tradition/superstition evolved. However it came to be, I think pulling the belly button to the spine is a much better option than holding your breath. You get a core workout and you don’t have to kill brain cells. And, you’re redirecting your breath, so you could argue you are still making and adjustment to the way you breathe.

If you’ve come up with other new places to engage that belly button, please share them or let us know why you think we hold our breath while driving past a cemetery.


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