Thinking About Your Body

Last night a couple of clients made my day. You guys may not know it, but it doesn’t take much to make me happy. On the way out of class two clients told me about how they think about their posture throughout the day. One had come up with a new location to pull her belly button to her spine (which always brings a smile to my face).

I mean it. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I can’t claim to know what Joseph Pilates thought, but based on what I do know about him, I think he would have liked hearing them talk. He wanted people exercising and practicing Pilates and controlling their muscles so that they would start to think about their bodies and muscles during daily tasks. When you begin to do that, Pilates is working. To me, that is what makes Pilates so unique. It’s empowering. You learn what muscles you can control. You also learn your weakness. You can improve on both and move your body throughout life in a stronger, healthier way. I’m not knocking other forms of exercise. I love weight lifting, kick boxing, Tae Bo, yoga, running, walking, hiking, etc. If it’s active, I probably love it. But I have only truly learned how to control my muscles in Pilates. It is only through taking Pilates that I have started to think about how my body moves all day.

It makes me happy to think my clients and other Pilates students are learning to think about their body and posture throughout the day. It’s probably why Joseph Pilates originally called Pilates “Contrology.” You’re in control of your body. That the best gift learning Pilates can give.

You’re in control and I’m proud of you!


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