Exercise of the Week–Breast Stroke Prep

Here’s one that seems simple, but really isn’t.

This is what you want to do:

Lie one your stomach, lengthen your low back by tucking your tail bone and pulling your hip bones away from the floor. (NOTE: The key to this exercise is maintaining this position throughout the exercise. Practice focusing on the placement of your pelvis for the whole series.)

If your low back feels sensitive open your legs hip distance apart. Otherwise, keep your inner thighs squeezing together.

Relax your upper body and let your arms form a W beside your upper body (elbows bent, hands just above your shoulders).

Let your shoulders roll forward toward the floor.

Okay, now you’re in position. Let’s start the exercise.

First, before you start to move, remember to think of your pelvis and pull your belly button to your spine.

Roll your shoulders away from the floor and curl your upper body off the floor. Keep your neck in line with your spine. Try to make your back do all the work. Don’t push into your arms. Your bottom ribs should remain on the floor.

It is a small range of motion. Think back to your pelvis. Are your hips rocking toward the floor? Try to keep tucking that tail bone.

Hold for a count of 10 seconds and then lengthen your upper body back down to the floor allowing your shoulders to roll back to the floor.

Repeat three times.

To add a challenge, bring your hands to your forehead, elbows out to the side. Do the same exercise but keep your hands glued to your forehead. You may not lift as high because of the weight of your arms.

Always listen to your body. If your low back hurts take a break.

Have fun learning about what your body can do!


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Maggie Downie
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