Exercise of the Week

Here’s a Pilates exercise. Try to do it every day this week and work on perfecting your form. It will take less than five minutes to do.


Lay on your stomach, arms extended overhead, legs open hip distance apart.
Lengthen the low back as if you are imprinting on the ceiling.
Inhale to prepare.
Exhale, lift all four limbs off the ground.
Begin pumping the arms and legs (lifting opposites a little higher)
Inhale for a count of five; exhale for a count of five.
Continue for 50 seconds. Take a 10 second break and repeat.

It’s a great way to help television commercials go by.

If that version of swimming is too challenging when you start, instead of lifting all four limbs off the ground at once, keep your arms, legs, and head on the ground and just lift opposite arm and opposite leg off the ground. Return your limbs to the floor before you lift the other side.


About the Author:

Maggie Downie
Thank you for giving your time to stop and read my blog. I hope it encourages you to keep moving. Move and the body will be happier. And when you're moving you can hike, run, swim in Jell-O, race over non-Newtonian fluids, travel the world or build igloos--if that's your thing. If not, you can watch me do it. This is just a spot to try and feel good about life.


  1. Courtney April 10, 2008 at 3:43 pm - Reply

    I tried this last night; it was comical! But I’m going to give it another go.

  2. Anonymous April 14, 2008 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    Keep it up! It will get easier every time. And comical is okay. Remember, when you’re laughing, you’re working your core!

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